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Love My Gays supports good causes, good people and good times, promoting The Gay Agenda with a universal appreciation of why gayer is better.

Our Gay Agenda

Suzan Donna EQCA

Donna Sachet: The First Lady of San Francisco

She’s the first lady of San Francisco, the woman in red, a tireless socialite and an elegant, eloquent champion of LGBT causes. Donna Sachet is in a category all her own, a “legit” drag queen who sets a new standard for protocol, pomp and circumstance, and partying like time is standing still just for her. […]

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Bring It!

Suzan Revah writes about gay nightlife, culture and lifestyle in a regular column for Gloss magazine called “Bring It!” . Published biweekly, Bring It! covers the full spectrum of the glittery rainbow that is San Francisco’s gayborhood, and chronicles all the reasons and ways Suzan loves her gays!

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RBXXII WG with check

Party With Purpose

Partying with purpose is a core value of Love My Gays. Because, simply put, the gays put the fun in fundraising, as a matter of ritual and routine.

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Nasty: A filthy fun-raiser for Project Inform

Nasty is a party with purpose presented by Love My Gays. It is supported, attended and celebrated by San Framily who set an intention on having a great time for a great cause. Charity and hilarity are the hallmarks of Nasty, with drinks, dancing, demos and donations. Nasty Boys play STICK IT IN! and welcome […]

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Raising the Gay Flag


Homosociology is the study and appreciation of “gayer is better,” “all gay all the time,” and “no such thing as too gay.” It’s a preservation society for the spirit, stamina and support of gay culture. Homosociologists are gay by choice, and subscribe to a love, lifestyle and community in which full expression of gayness is […]

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Andrew Fans Suzan
Chasing Summer on the Circuit

Experiencing my first Lazy Bear weekend on the Russian River, Labor Day’s rapid approach has me re…

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Eye Candy

Picture 37
Pride Gallery

Happy Pride, everyone!…

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GLBT Historical Society 102512
Tales of the City

If Manhattan is the city that never sleeps, San Francisco is the city that never ceases to inspire. …

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